This is a physical representation of one of the original ideas I had for my thesis at ITP. The idea was that I wanted to explore the digital history that is geo-associated with locations across NYC. To narrow down ‘digital history’ to data that I knew was more accessible, I looked into my digital history seeing that I am from NYC and have let my mark around town. By taking a NYC subway map and placing all of my NYC-related Instagram photos in the location that they were taken; I built little towers in the places where I had the most photos and attached the photos to them. My dad’s old house in the Bronx, my mom’s house on the Upper West Side, Madison Square Garden and ITP are the four locations where the majority of my NYC photos have been taken. It was really great to see one of my ideas made into a  physical model because I was able to get a better idea of what I wanted to accomplish in my thesis, while also getting constructive feedback. I really enjoyed the experience of sharing my “digital history” through a physical object and share that experience with other people without the use of a screen. Regardless of this realization, I was motivated to build my thesis for mobile & web but definitely took more into consideration –  if my thesis will be built for Exploration or for Experience.

You can see the final version of my thesis in this post.