Welcome to NapChat!

NapChat is an interactive platform where users can set their alarm times and have their friends/family/significant other choose the tone that is played at the time of the alarm ..all through the interface of a loveable teddy bear (Fubby).

NapChat from Kyle Greenberg on Vimeo.

NapChat Website

System diagram of how NapChat works

NapChat Founders: Seiya Kobayashi and Kyle Greenberg

It was really great to get feedback from the attendees of the ITP Winter Show on NapChat. People seemed to really like the idea of having control over the tone that wakes up their friends and family, however it was expressed that for some demographics sleeping with a teddy bear again seemed too juvenile. That being said for a younger demographic the teddy bear or whatever stuffed animal could be appropriate but if the tone was played through a “NapChat Pillow” or something small that was easy to travel with, then they would buy into the concept more. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to work with Seiya throughout this project and was rewarding for both of us to see our project come to life in our discussions with the show’s attendees. The future of NapChat is uncertain, but for now sleep easy!