“Maps codify the miracle of existence.” (Nicolas Crane)

Shanghai Street food (2016)
A map that visualizes street food vendors in Shanghai. Data was collected by Anna Greenspan’s Street Food and Urban Planning class at NYU Shanghai.

You can learn more about this project here: www.sh-streetfood.org

Global Connections (2016)

This is map created for Lena Sheen’s Global Connections at NYU Shanghai. Student’s collected data on historic locations around Shanghai using Fulcrum and we took the data and visualized it on the map below. The numbers correspond to a book that has QR-codes, which you can scan and read more about the locations.


Sad Topographies or No Country For Sadness (2015)

A collection of locations around the world that have sad topographic names.

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Happy World (2016)
A map to visualize the well-being and happiness of our world.
Data taken from the Happy Planet Index

Pray for Paris (2015)

A map that shows the comments made by leaders around the world and global solidarity in response to the tragic events in Paris on November 13th, 2015. Government responses scraped from wikipedia.


Watching 上海 (2015)

A map that shows the amount of public surveillance cameras in Shanghai, China