This is a collaboration with Anna Greenspan and Movable Feasts.

Moveable Feasts aims to research, savor, catalogue, preserve, and engage with Shanghai’s rich street food heritage. Today in cities across the world a street food renaissance is taking place. However, in Shanghai, an attitude prevails that equates urban development with “cleaning up the streets” — including getting rid of street food vendors.

Working with Anna, we developed and designed a workflow to interview, store, and geospatially visualize street food vendors in Shanghai. This was a challenging task as we had to get over two hurdles – how can we get 20 students to work on the same data collection and map, how can we collect spatial data in a country where mapmaking and geospatial collection is forbidden.

After prototyping all of the current mapping and data collection tools, we ended up developing a workflow that uses Fulcrum and Carto.

Final output can be found here

Thoughts on education and mapping: