ITP3D (currently in progress)

“ITP3D” is an exploration in 3D spatial recording technologies to make a 3D archive of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). ITP will be moving from it’s residence in the Tisch building, after 40+ years, to Brooklyn. Through this project, I am using photogrammetry and Tango apps to capture ITP’s classrooms, offices, common areas, and sounds with the hope that this project can serve as 3D portal for what was on 721 Broadway. This project will be available for WebVR and HTC Vive.

You can see my progress here

Scan Ya Body & Bust-A-Move

This is a project and workshop that I teach, where people are able to get their bodies scanned and then animated to perform awesome dance moves. ¬†Using Skanect, Structure Sensor, and Adobe’s Mixamo, this workflow is made possible.

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This project was also shown at SXSW and with the help of Or Fleisher and Eve Weinberg, we were able to build an open frameworks workflow that allowed us to get multiple 3D models rendered and dancing together.

100 Days of Photogrammetry

This was my journey into learning and understanding the different workflows and tools available for photogrammetry. I also did this as a part of a #100days challenge and documented my progress on Instagram.