Wumbo was an app developed for 2014 Intern Project at RAPP-NYC .

The project was built using Javascript, Node, and Twitter’s API.

Here is the pitch:

“It is the ‘Mad Libs for Millennial’— a phrasal template word game that weaves tweets buried in your feed with trending topics to create short stories.  Essentially, digging up the dirt and serving up fresh content.

You can Wumbo anyone you like including George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Barack Obama, that guy with the witty tweets … for fun, curiosity or just for pure vanity.

You can Wumbo for any themes such as movies, games, sports, brands…   so go ahead and Wumbo Justin Beiber  in Indiana Jones or Bill Nye for Super Mario.

Wumbo is dead simple to play: 1. You just need go to www.wumbo.co 2. login with your Twitter account 3. Select the theme and the person you want to Wumbo.  And voilà! ”


Video of presentation